I first met David in 2010 at the 40th Anniversary of the Pihtiputaan Keihäskaarnevaalit held annually in Finland. Since then we stayed in contact and subsequently started working together on various projects from 2013 onwards. Most recently we worked on a strategic plan for the development of the Javelin in China and prior to that delivered a workshop in Chengdu for the development of the coaches who were working with National level athletes.

David has a true passion for the Javelin Throw, which I have rarely seen. His desire to give his best for all athletes is evident and his ability to open doorways for the development of all of those involved in this event is outstanding. We have a strong working relationship and have become very close friends over the last decade. I hope that we can continue to develop this and continue working together in the future, on whatever project that may be.

David is a truly professional and ambitious person/ coach and I have no doubt that his plans and ambitions with his new venture ‘The Javelin Throw’ will bear fruit quickly. With his Biomechanical background, his elite coaching experience & his great ability to bring people together, I have no hesitation in asking for his support with athletes that I coach and I know that he feels the same. He has become like a brother to me over the years and we share a great deal of information relating to the event.

If you are looking for high quality coaching support and inspiration, then get involved in his new initiative. You will not be disappointed.”

Kimmo is also the key driver behind the legendary Pihtiputaan Keihäskaarnevaalit (Finnish Javelin Carnival), that in 2021 celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary.



The first time I heard about Coach Parker (David) was in March 2019 after a friend of mine recommended me to take a look at the ‘@thecoachparker’ Instagram page. It was my first year of throwing the Javelin and I did not have a coach at that time, so I had to look elsewhere for help. Talk about a life changing moment. Finding David’s Instagram page and deciding to get in contact with him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was able to improve my personal record (PR) by over 15 meters in my first year thanks to the very helpful and easy to understand videos on the Instagram page, but also the individual advice I got through messages and video calls. Getting advice and feeling like having a coach really gave me an extra boost in motivation because I knew that the workout plan I got was individually tailored towards improving on my weaknesses. I appreciate everything David does and look forward to what the future holds with his new company ‘The Javelin Throw’ & the collaborative approach to event development that both David & his colleagues hold.



I have been following David’s work for a number of years as well as being a student of Javelin Throwing. David has inspired me to move to a new level in the event and his training methods, programmes, monitoring and communication have enhanced my understanding of the event. He has made me feel very welcome in his training group and I am very humbled and thankful for his great work. He has raised my spirits in difficult moments and kept me focussed on what’s truly important. He is able to advise on the appropriate course of action in terms of training methodology, but also help to address equipment needs by advising on the correct course of action. He has also sponsored me, which has been incredible. I hope that one day I will be able to train with David full time along with the other great throwers that he coaches. His experience & knowledge is unrivalled and he has become a great mentor to me. Under his supervision & training methods I feel certain I will have a better chance of achieving my ambitions in the sport & I continue to work on the areas which he has in mind for me.

Thank you for all your efforts, support and encouragement.



I first met Coach Parker at a training camp in 2015 and since that point we developed a good relationship and later I asked him for help with my Javelin Throwing. David has helped me from distance, wherever he is in the World. He has helped me with the periodisation of my training and has also offered technical support. Coach Parker is really one of the best coaches I ever known and his own experience as an athlete and his knowledge about the processes required to be physically and mentally prepared for throwing far is incredible. Last year I was able to be back in the ‘game’ after many years of injuries and struggles and I finally beat my personal best. I had been injured on and off since 2012 and because of David’s help I was able to return stronger and therefore keep dreaming.



From February 2019 to the end of the 2019 season, I began to receive David’s training and guidance. Based on my physical development and the results of the training process, I have improved a lot. From starting the 2019 season with 62m in April to the 76.65m result I achieved in September, I believe this is an unprecedented level of progression for any Javelin Thrower, especially for me. This huge leap, was excellent for me, proving that David's training methods really work & continue to need his help. During the training sessions, David taught me to practice carefully. When I encountered difficulties, he would explain to me patiently and help me solve these training challenges. I was very satisfied with his approach. I think his training methods and ideas are very good.

From September 2020 I began to work with David full-time after a difficult 2020 (Covid-19 & injury). We worked tirelessly together to get healthy & develop the necessary characteristics required to become an elite Javelin Thrower. Evidence was provided for our early success with a throw of 80.15m in April 2021. With continued development over the course of the season I was able to throw 84.54m in September 2021 in the process of winning the Chinese National Games. This was once again unpredented progress for a Javelin Thrower. Proof, if it were needed of David's ability to coach & get the best out of his athletes.

His understanding of the event is unrivalled in my opinion, whilst his attention to detail is very high. It is no surprise that when a talented athlete teams up with an elite coach results improve.

I am so happy that David came into my life & became my coach. I look forward to a long & successful partnership & cannot recommend his coaching services enough.



When I first started training with David my personal best was 57 meters. David took me under his wing and under his mentoring I quickly improved 10 metres on my personal best after 1 winter of training. The second year of being coached by him I then progressed further with another personal best in excess of 75m. This allowed me to be selected for the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Goldcoast, Australia. With a vast knowledge of the sport, combined with his attention to detail for the event, David is truly a phenomenal coach! After a few lean years due to the global pandemic & a few minor injuries I have now progressed on to almost 80m in 2022 throwing 79.53m in Offenberg, Germany. Without David's guidance & support throughout the challenging moments over the last few years, I would not be in the position I am & on the verge of achieving one of my ambitions in the sport which is to throw 80m+.



David has been a great help to me and my athletes the past few years. His technical knowledge and experience in the Javelin event are World Class, and his passion for improving athletes is evident in his coaching. I’ve always found him open to embracing new ideas, and exploring the best methods for the individual athlete he is coaching, and his thoughtful guidance has helped improve my coaching, and develop my technical knowledge of this challenging, but beautiful, sport.